All activities are conducted in French. The children are therefore encouraged to use this language to communicate with each other and with the educational team.

Each morning is punctuated by manual, motor, linguistic (nursery rhymes, stories, conversation/discussion), musical (singing accompanied by the piano) activities… Free play, lunch and a nap complete the day.

These workshops contribute greatly to the development of our little pupils.

Seasons, holidays and the creativity of the educational team are used as support and themes for the activities. The aim is to stimulate children’s imagination, curiosity and independence.

Au pays des sakuras

A typical day's work

9.00 – 9.15 am Welcome

– This time slot allows parents to come to class and stay with their child for a while to read, play, etc.
–Free play until everyone arrives

Au pays des sakuras

9:30 am Language workshop

– Rituals for saying hello and taking roll,
– Rhymes and songs with music,
– Language activity using picture material on the theme of the week

Au pays des sakuras

10.00 am Snack

– Dried fruit and a glass of fruit juice or water

10.15 am Recess

– Open games

Au pays des sakuras

11.00 am Activity workshop

– Artistic creation in a variety of media, based on the theme of the week

Au pays des sakuras

11:30 am Motor skills workshop

– Courses, dances, rounds, group games

Au pays des sakuras

12.00 pm It’s time for the “bento” (lunch)

– Brushing teeth before a nap

Au pays des sakuras

1.00 pm Nap

Au pays des sakuras

2.45 pm Wake-up call

3.00 pm To say goodbye

– A short story,
– A last song

Au pays des sakuras

3.15 pm It’s time to go!

– the workshop reopens to parents at 3.15pm until 3.30pm.
This interval is intended to encourage exchanges between the educational team and the parents on the course of the day.